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beautifully landscaped garden

Green up Your House with Low-maintenance Succulent Plants

While you do need a bit of space to start a garden, a small corner of the patio or even your windowsill is good enough for succulent plants. That’s what’s great about these plants. They can grow almost anywhere. They are so easy to maintain. They are no-fuss plants perfect for small and large living.

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Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.

Technology vs. Waste: A Global War

The overwhelming volumes of generated waste have always been a major global issue. Accordingly, as the international population grows, more waste is also produced. Thankfully, though, in our contemporary era, more people appear to be developing an interest in advocacies for promoting the conservation and protection of nature. Governments in numerous countries are also taking

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studio apartment in bohemian look

Five Helpful Hints for an Efficient Studio Space

Studio units are an economical and popular choice for people among all walks of life. These clever design choices can maximise the amount of storage space within your unit while making it a space truly your own. People living in studio units are becoming a common sight today. These are often the most affordable places

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Start own business

Start Up: Be Your Own Boss

You’re probably sitting by your office desk at this moment, daydreaming that one day you can become your own boss by running your own company. Well, we all share this kind of aspiration—living a life that allows us to break free from a work routine of waking up painfully early, traversing with the traffic to

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business software

5 Kinds of Business Software Every Startup Should Have

A startup company should have the proper tools in order to succeed. But with all the technology available on the market, finding the right solutions can be a walk through a maze. Here are five types of software you might want to consider getting for your business. Bookkeeping and accounting software By using software that

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Clothing retail store

Challenges And Opportunities Facing Clothing Stores

We’ve come a long way when it comes to fashion: the question now isn’t so much as “what are you wearing” but “who are you wearing?” It’s a highly competitive market that’s driven by design, form, branding, and a little pinch of drama now and then. It’s also one of the biggest industries with a

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box of recyclable materials

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Mother Earth’s Last Frontier

We are all aware of Mother Earth’s present state. Constant burning of fuels, such as natural gas, oil, gasoline, and coal are increasing the level of carbon footprints in the atmosphere. Accordingly, carbon dioxide is a major contributor to the increase in greenhouse gases and global warming. Climate change remains to be the top environmental

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