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Scaling Your Auto Repair Business

Scaling Your Auto Repair Business this 2021. Here’s How to Do It. Your business might have suffered a slump last year due to the pandemic. You experienced a huge profit loss. It was a struggled to pay your bills. Some of your employees lost their job. Worst, you had to retire even your most loyal

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self defense

Introducing Self-defense to Corporate Training Programs

Businesses shell out a significant amount of their regular budget to market products and services to various audiences. Marketing strategies reach out externally: tapping into markets that are potential customers to boost sales. But one often neglected strategy requires looking inside company structures, and that is paying attention to employees. Having a satisfied employee base

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The Young Beauty Brand’s Post-COVID-19 Priorities

A newly launched beauty brand faces tough challenges in keeping itself distinct from competitors, especially in today’s beauty landscape. The $532-billion industry may have been, as all industries have been, adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has proven its resilience through the years. The pandemic has all but emphasized the race towards product

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Growing Your Business: Implementing Proper Financial Tactics

Business people and entrepreneurs often find themselves looking for better ways to grow their brands. Most of them strive for growth because it’s one of the best solutions to achieve huge milestones. With growth comes improvement, which can help them attract more clients, generate more revenue, and expand their business. Unfortunately, achieving this is not

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money and calculator

Managing Personal Finances: Focusing on Financial Stability

Every person wants to be financially stable. However, being financially stable means being free from debt and managing one’s finances properly. In the world today, most people find it difficult to manage their finances because of all the expenses they need to attend to. Therefore, a lot of people end up accumulating debts to make

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office communication

Why Communication Skills Are Vital in Business Management

Running a business turns you into a professional juggler. You do many things at once. And for you not to lose focus and momentum, you need specific skill sets. One of the top requirements that a leader needs to shepherd his or her team toward success is unrivaled communication skills. It is safe to say that

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marketing concept

Offline and Online Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Start-Up

With every successful product comes an equally successful marketing campaign. After all, many customer’s first interactions with a brand or a company are through their ad campaigns. The importance of good marketing for a business to succeed cannot be underestimated: it’s what makes people interested in your product, and it’s what gets people to enter

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Things to Prepare for Your Company’s Christmas Party

We are barely done with the first quarter of the year. That means Christmas is still months away. Still, if you are the type who likes preparing early, there is no stopping you from putting in gear your events committee. As they say, early birds catch the worm. Here the worm you are eyeing is

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company employees

Great Tips for New Company Owners

Starting a new business is one of the most rewarding experiences any person can have. It is an adventure filled with excitement and new possibilities. But there are also risks to consider and important decisions to be made. For entrepreneurs to minimize these risks, they should take into account three important factors. They are due

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