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Best Practices of Modern Restaurants 2021

Many in the restaurant industry struggled when the pandemic hit the U.S. However, these establishments are slowly recovering. They have found new best practices and trends to aid them in this recovery. Here are some of the best practices of modern restaurants this year. Being COVID-19 Prepared Let’s be honest here, no one saw the

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Exit Strategy: a Must-have Plan for Every Business

In 2018, UBS Global Wealth Management released the results of its survey that suggested nearly half of the respondents didn’t have any exit strategy at all. Meanwhile, 75 percent believed that they could sell their company within a year or less. It seems counterproductive for a business owner to think about “exiting” when they’re just

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Businesses That Will Thrive in 2021 and Onwards

The pandemic has devastated many businesses in the U.S. and across the globe. A survey by the Federal Reserve Bank in September and October 2020 shows that 30 percent or about nine million small businesses in the U.S. stated that they will likely not survive until the end of 2021. Newer data from another study

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Growth Strategies to Expand Your Business Quickly

Most businesses fail within the first year of operations, and around 50% completely closes off during their 5th year, with 20% of them being small businesses. If you’re looking to grow your business, it’s not an easy feat, but it is doable. All you need to do is clear your mind and identify different ways to

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Business Finance: Saving Money in Your First Year

The financial realities of running a business can be harsh for many entrepreneurs, especially startups. In fact, many small business owners admitted that they’d spent more than twice their initial expectations in their first year. There could be dozens of reasons why this kind of mishap happens, but generally, it’s due to taking financial missteps,

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How Thoughtful Planning Can Help Business Owners Thrive

As one opens up their own business, not only would they become responsible for the growth of their personal career, but for the people working under them as well. This is why every decision made should be well-thought-of. But, if you are still a rookie in the industry, there may be times when certain challenges

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Maintaining Business Continuity Through Disaster Management

It’s not a surprise that businesses have to face different problems and issues throughout their daily operations. Whether it’s looking for ways to expand your business, reeling in more customers, looking for an advantage over competitors, keeping your facilities in pristine condition, or simply addressing employee-related issues, many businesses want to ensure that there is

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Growing Your Business During a Difficult Situation

Small businesses around the country experienced losses when the pandemic started. The health crisis even forced many businesses to close permanently. But some were able to cope with the situation and continued to offer their products and services in the market. They survived since they went online to connect with their customers who also started

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A Guide to Starting Your Own Digital Marketing Company

When almost every business relies on the power of the Internet, it does make sense to start a company that helps these entrepreneurs connect with customers. Digital marketing, also called Internet advertising and online marketing, is one of the most in the demand services offered to businesses looking to grow. The best news is, this

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Is Your Business Ready for Franchising: What You Need to Know

Franchising is another excellent form of business expansion. Unlike when you branch out, where you have to invest in a new location, franchisees do all the work. They are highly motivated to perform well, fostering faster growth for a franchisor’s business. There are about 773,603 franchise establishments in the U.S., according to the 2019 Statista data.

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