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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Business Consultant

It is a common dilemma in the business world why a company may choose to hire an expensive consultant rather than solve their issues in-house. When companies hire consultant groups, it is often a form of investment, where they consider the viability of the amount they are to spend compared to the expected revenue. When

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Make Learning About Financial Literacy Fun Through Board Games

Money is the root of all evil. Or is it? While we’ve heard stories of people succumbing to its allure, money is merely a resource or a tool used to purchase products, services, or experiences one needs to function. What makes money dangerous is when people bring in their biases and perspectives to something that

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How Can You Afford a Hobby When You’re Short on Budget?

We all have hobbies. These are pastimes we do because it feels great to just lose ourselves in it. Whether you love painting, sculpting, golfing, scrapbooking, knitting, photography, or any other interests, these hobbies are fun and fulfilling. And with the stresses of today’s world, it makes sense for us to take care of our

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Common Mistakes When Creating Your Storefront Sign

The first thing that customers see is the signage outside your store. Hence, it can make or break your business’s storefront appeal. If you want to create a storefront that will attract customers to your business, here are the common mistakes to avoid: 1. Wrong size When it comes to business signage, size matters. And

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Efficiently Transitioning Your Business to Work-From-Home Setup

More and more companies are transitioning from office-based operations to remote operations, namely work-from-home setup. They have realized the arrangement’s many benefits, such as the reduction in overheads and employee satisfaction, knowing that team members won’t have to endure the stress of commuting. Employees also get to work in the most comfortable ways possible. If

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Building Maintenance Checklist for New Contractors

It’sIt’s one thing to construct a building and another thing to maintain it. Building maintenance is the process of ticking off a long list of tasks and deliverables to make sure a building remains clean, comfortable, and fully functional. In most cases, the building’s management hires a team of experts and contractors to check and

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Smart Ways in Boosting Sales Through Marketing

The e-commerce industry and several other businesses online have been flourishing ever since the Internet was made public. That is in part due to the convenience that the Internet offers while you’re just at home. Nothing feels as convenient as buying your needs and wants with a raise of a finger without having to open

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5 Productive Things to Do During the Quarantine

With Singapore currently on quarantine due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, citizens and long-term visit pass holders are ordered to stay indoors except for essential purposes only. With over 18,000 active cases as of writing, it is in our best interests to follow the rules and practice safe distancing. For many of us,

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Meat factory

Gross Products: 4 Disgusting Things that End Up in Food

When you’re eating, you should only be worried about how your meal tastes. You shouldn’t be concerned about finding something disgusting in your food. And this isn’t about unpleasant ingredients you might not like. This is about seriously disturbing and possibly harmful substances ending up in the food you eat. Despite multiple agencies like the

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