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Smart Ways in Boosting Sales Through Marketing

The e-commerce industry and several other businesses online have been flourishing ever since the Internet was made public. That is in part due to the convenience that the Internet offers while you’re just at home. Nothing feels as convenient as buying your needs and wants with a raise of a finger without having to open

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5 Productive Things to Do During the Quarantine

With Singapore currently on quarantine due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, citizens and long-term visit pass holders are ordered to stay indoors except for essential purposes only. With over 18,000 active cases as of writing, it is in our best interests to follow the rules and practice safe distancing. For many of us,

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Meat factory

Gross Products: 4 Disgusting Things that End Up in Food

When you’re eating, you should only be worried about how your meal tastes. You shouldn’t be concerned about finding something disgusting in your food. And this isn’t about unpleasant ingredients you might not like. This is about seriously disturbing and possibly harmful substances ending up in the food you eat. Despite multiple agencies like the

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SME Owners

Ways SME Owners Can Deal with Stress

Running a business can be stressful. This is true even if your company have fewer than 50 employees. It doesn’t matter what type of industry you are in or what country or state you are located in. You can feel the stress the moment you start the company, and your stress will continue to grow

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5 Ways to Start A Brewery Business

A lot of people just love a mug or two of ice-cold beer after a tiring day at work. In fact, experts advise that low to moderate beer consumption can actually be good for one’s health, particularly for the heart. All around the world, beer is consumed by millions of people. It is one of the

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Fire Retardants

Three Surprising Sources of Fire Retardants

A crucial element of the rescue process is response time. Rescuers are trained to be at the disaster site with a small window of time. Firefighters will be the first people we think about when it comes to this topic. Their headquarters are designed for them to just pick up their equipment and head over

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How Your Brand Image Affects Your Company

Brand image is more than just a company’s logo and tagline. It also involves the quality of your products or services, and other assumptions consumers have about your business based on their experiences with it. People’s perception of your brand affects how well you can sell a product or service.   For example, if they

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How to Save Money As An Office Worker

Are you struggling to save money while working in an office? If you have trouble setting aside cash for your savings, here are some easy-to-follow tips on how to cut down on expenses. For the average Filipino office worker, it may come as a challenge to save money when there are so many bills and

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What to Consider When Designing an Office

Today, work is an increasingly large part of people’s lives. Most of our day is spent either in the office or on the road doing work-related tasks. Given how much time workers spend in the office, it has become like a second home for many. As a result, it is no surprise that the office

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