How Your Brand Image Affects Your Company

Brand image is more than just a company’s logo and tagline. It also involves the quality of your products or services, and other assumptions consumers have about your business based on their experiences with it. People’s perception of your brand affects how well you can sell a product or service.   For example, if they

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office worker holding a tablet

How to Save Money As An Office Worker

Are you struggling to save money while working in an office? If you have trouble setting aside cash for your savings, here are some easy-to-follow tips on how to cut down on expenses. For the average Filipino office worker, it may come as a challenge to save money when there are so many bills and

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What to Consider When Designing an Office

Today, work is an increasingly large part of people’s lives. Most of our day is spent either in the office or on the road doing work-related tasks. Given how much time workers spend in the office, it has become like a second home for many. As a result, it is no surprise that the office

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man feeding his cow

Food Success: Mass Production and Distribution

Many successful business stories in the food industry started from a small but terrific concept. Taking a traditional family recipe, for instance, and managing to translate it from small batches to mass production, can win over a large and loyal consumer base in search of that authentic family taste. You might already have received plenty

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woman sitting on a comfy chair at home

Home Check: The Things That Make Your Home Comfortable

What makes a home comfortable? Is it the gigantic mattresses that bring comfort to every bedroom or the HVAC system in your Auckland home? Many things can affect the comfortability of your home. As a parent or a family member who wish only the best for your family, you should keep in mind these things

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