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Is Your Business Ready for Franchising: What You Need to Know

Franchising is another excellent form of business expansion. Unlike when you branch out, where you have to invest in a new location, franchisees do all the work. They are highly motivated to perform well, fostering faster growth for a franchisor’s business. There are about 773,603 franchise establishments in the U.S., according to the 2019 Statista data.

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Scaling Your Auto Repair Business

Scaling Your Auto Repair Business this 2021. Here’s How to Do It. Your business might have suffered a slump last year due to the pandemic. You experienced a huge profit loss. It was a struggled to pay your bills. Some of your employees lost their job. Worst, you had to retire even your most loyal

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Introducing Self-defense to Corporate Training Programs

Businesses shell out a significant amount of their regular budget to market products and services to various audiences. Marketing strategies reach out externally: tapping into markets that are potential customers to boost sales. But one often neglected strategy requires looking inside company structures, and that is paying attention to employees. Having a satisfied employee base

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The Young Beauty Brand’s Post-COVID-19 Priorities

A newly launched beauty brand faces tough challenges in keeping itself distinct from competitors, especially in today’s beauty landscape. The $532-billion industry may have been, as all industries have been, adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has proven its resilience through the years. The pandemic has all but emphasized the race towards product

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