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Air Separation: How It Helps Create Steel and Ammonia

According to the World Steel Association, steel shows signs of recovery after a decline in its demand in 2020, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021 alone, the need for it could grow by almost 6 percent. By 2022, the recovery rate for the product could be 4.2 percent. A few years after this,

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business celebration

Consider These Giveaway Ideas for Better Business Promotion

Let’s talk about gifts. Who doesn’t like them? Don’t they uplift your spirits? Gifts give the recipient a boost of happy feelings by helping the brain release endorphins. Did you know that endorphins alleviate depression? They also help with anxiety and stress. Endorphins even help with reducing weight. That’s why people feel warm and nice

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apartment building

Investing in an Apartment Building

This is a good time to invest in an apartment building for rent. Many young families and individuals cannot afford to buy homes because of surging prices and high competition. Data released by the U.S. Census Bureau show that the median price of new houses in April 2021 was $372,400 and the average price was

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Payroll Automation: A Key to Growing Your Business

The advancement of technology has allowed businesses to automate several tasks. For example, many businesses are now automating customer service. They use chatbots to answer queries more quickly and in larger volumes. Chatbots offload mundane and repetitive tasks from employees so that they can focus on other important tasks. HR has also made the hiring

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