Content Management Features

MIG has identified nearly 100 features that can be applied to a local government website. We recommend that any town or organization set priorities and implement only those that are the most effective to its visitors and its objectives. Among the most popular and effective are:

  • News and Notices
  • Calendar of Events
  • Requests for Information
  • Agendas & Minutes
  • Online Registrations/Applications
  • Request for Service

MIG's content management features typcially store information in a database and not as an HTML web page. When you click on a link the data is pulled from the database and programatically assembled into a web page. That means that information is stored and can be transformed easily into a different designed pages and archived for easy access of past information.

MIG's Sitecare administrative system provides secure access to data and easy input forms to add, edit and delete any type of information. More on this topic...

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