ConnectedCitizen Email Benefits
  • Satisfies Public Need for Information - Creates a direct “push” of information so that users get the information they want in a timely way. Supports “eGovernment”.
  • Serves the Town/County/Agency Web Visitor – By offering news and recreation programs in an email.
  • Reduces Paper Costs – by serving interactive information, the subscriber avoids the need for paper and reduces printing costs.
  • Broadcasts Timely and Important Information – Information can be distributed quickly – from events to emergency information.
  • Reduces In-bound Information Calls – by proactively giving information, general information calls are reduced.
  • Increases Traffic to Your Website – since articles are linked back to the website, more web traffic is created.
  • Enhances Web Site Value – content is reused in email taken directly from county web pages.
  • Provides Dependable Outsourced Service – inexpensive, high quality local service provided by technology professionals.
  • Creates Valuable Communications Link to Citizens– opens a communications channel to citizens who can be asked to volunteer for surveys and future opinions.More on this topic...
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