ConnectedCitizen Email Features
  • Custom Messaging - Ability to customize message content for each issue sent.
  • Custom Design – Setup costs include custom graphics and copy writing.
  • Test Before Send – Ability to view and send test issue prior to sending to all
  • Email-On-Demand or Email-On-Schedule – Emails can be generated ad hoc or by date/time schedule.
  • Unlimited Subscribers - No limit to the number of subscribers.
  • Unlimited Emails - No limit to the number of issues sent. Each issue goes to all subscribers.
  • Custom Subscriber Registration – Choose to gather minimal information (email address) or more detail.
  • Automatic Content - Convenience of each email automatically listing the latest website information such as press releases, job openings, and recreation programs.
  • Content Categorization – Create content topics/categories. Subscribers can choose to filter news for their interests.
  • Email Format Options – the system automatically generates formatted HTML or TEXT styles based on subscriber preference.

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