When large volumes of activity are anticipated and when security risks must be minimized, a dedicated server environment is required and MIG can provide the support you need.

Issues such as hardware, configuration, backup, redundancies, monitoring, maintenance and, of course, peak capacity must be critically evaluated. MIG can develop an implementation and management plan to address your situation. Or, MIG can fit its resources around your own operation and planning.

Our experience shows that the scale of this type of enterprise requires careful planning and consulting prior to committment. MIG also has resource partners that can be brought into the design and maintenance of such an operation.

If your situation requires the use of a special database technology (non SQL Server) MIG could host that database server for your organization. Our staff are trained in several other popular database environments. Due to the wide number and size of variables for this type of project, MIG would evaluate and create a custom proposal to address your specific needs.

Call us at 973-244-1191 to discuss what MIG's expert hosting can do for you.

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